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The 3 Best States To Build Or Buy Tiny houses In The USA

Building or buying a tiny house in the USA

What are the best states for tiny homes in the US? Is a very common question amongst people who are looking to invest in the latest tiny house trend. But due to tight rules and regulations, there are only a few towns and or States that allow these teensy dwellings.

The 3 best states to build or buy tiny houses in the USA

#1 California

Fresno in California was one of the first cities to approve tiny houses on wheels to be an extra back garden cottage.

It is one of the most, tiny house friendly cities in the USA and there are a few communities in and around Fresno.  It is also one of the most popular cities in California with a lot to offer its community.

#2 Colorado

Salida in Colorado recently got approval to build two-hundred tiny houses in a community called River View Cleora.

This community is set to become one of the largest tiny homes communities in the US.  This community is also set to get walking trails, parks and fully equipped community building sporting restaurant, storage units and an exercise facility. Salida in itself has known for some of the best outdoor activities around as well as great eating places and a busy art scene.

#3 Georgia

Georgia has one of the top and most popular tiny house communities in America.

Most if not all the tiny houses are eco-friendly.

Anyone looking for the simpler life and smaller house the Green Bridge Farm in Guyton is the place for you.

This is an organic farm and the tiny house community is built around it.  The farm produces organic food and fruit trees.  It has also just been awarded approval to become a permanent residence for tiny houses. In order to have a tiny house on Green Bridge farm, you have to ensure your home is secured to the ground with a solid foundation.

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