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The top 5 Smart Cities In The World

What is a smart city?

A smart city is a city that integrates various technologies to ensure various assets and resources are managed and supplied with optimum efficiency.

These include the monitoring and controlling of traffic systems, energy resources, waste management, schools, libraries, hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement etc. Even complete houses are being linked to smart grids in various towns and communities.  With the more efficient use of various resources, a city can cut down on a lot of unnecessary and wasteful usage of them. This makes for a better economy and greener cities.

The top 5 smart cities in the world

#1 New York City, USA

New York holds the “Smartest City” award for 2017.  New York partnered with IBM back in 2009 launching the “IBM Business Analytics Solution Center”.

With some of the most innovative green technologies and systems, they even have an annual contest offering cash prized for apps that use the cities open data sets the most efficiently.

#2 San Francisco, USA

Leaders in the smart parking, fast internet speeds, transport sharing and comes out tops most years as one of the best cities to live in.

This city has more than one-hundred charging stations for electric vehicles and runs on forty-one percent renewable energy.

#3 London, UK

As one of the major tourist cities in the world and one of the powerhouses, London has long since been utilizing public transport and car sharing systems.  The smart introduction of congestion taxes has greatly reduced the fossil fuel and congestion problems the city once choked under.

They introduced many a smart system such as the smart parking system, the oyster card systems, underground wi-fi and Europe’s largest free Wi-Fi network.

#4 Paris, France

Paris has mostly switched to renewable green energy, government digitization and various green city innovations.

Most of the citizens have cut down on the usage of vehicles and more sharing of transport has become the trend.  There even bike sharing programs these are called Velib.

#5 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm was one of the first cities to introduce 4G/LTE mobile services and ranks very high in citizens participation in making a better city.

The residents recycle approximately one-hundred kilos of waste per person on average.  Most of their fuel used is biodiesel produced from the wastewater plants in Stockholm.Companies are given incentives to install sensors that efficiently handle power, for example, they turn off lighting, etc. when no one is in a room.

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Expert Advise On The Best Way To Buy Your Mattress

What is better – to buy a mattress online or offline?

As you spend about a third of your life on your bed asleep you need to ensure you are making the right choice when choosing a mattress.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a mattress as well because you are going to need one that gives you the best support in order to give you the best nights sleep.Most people who have bought mattresses online and in-store have not had much trouble with either.  The only problem with trying to buy a mattress online is that you cannot get a feel for it.

You will need to know what the mattress is like, how it fits you what it is made up of, etc.  Where you can find all this information online you still need to go into a store, so you can test it.

Buying a mattress online vs buying one in a store

A bigger and better choice online

Browsing for mattresses online gives you a bigger choice than in a store.

Stores tend to only carry limited stock.

You get to shop around more online

Online shopping for a mattress gets you a wider search zone of shops quicker and more conveniently than having to physically go from store to store.

It cuts out parking issues, transport issues and then having to spend hours in each store.

Bigger discounts and all around better prices

You could save a lot of money shopping online as some physical stores that may not be in your area could still deliver to your area.  Online stores are more price competitive, so you are bound to get the mattress you want at a cheaper price.

Shopping online allows you to pick your choices before viewing them
You can shop online find a few you like and then find the exact stores that stock them, so you can go directly to those outlets in order to test them out.

Most online stores offer free delivery

Most online stores will either offer free delivery within a zone or the delivery is already included in their price.
Physical stores tend to charge extra for their delivery.

Good return policies

Most online stores will offer the customer a few days to test the bed or if there are any defects will collect and replace it at their expense.

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The 3 Best States To Build Or Buy Tiny houses In The USA

Building or buying a tiny house in the USA

What are the best states for tiny homes in the US? Is a very common question amongst people who are looking to invest in the latest tiny house trend. But due to tight rules and regulations, there are only a few towns and or States that allow these teensy dwellings.

The 3 best states to build or buy tiny houses in the USA

#1 California

Fresno in California was one of the first cities to approve tiny houses on wheels to be an extra back garden cottage.

It is one of the most, tiny house friendly cities in the USA and there are a few communities in and around Fresno.  It is also one of the most popular cities in California with a lot to offer its community.

#2 Colorado

Salida in Colorado recently got approval to build two-hundred tiny houses in a community called River View Cleora.

This community is set to become one of the largest tiny homes communities in the US.  This community is also set to get walking trails, parks and fully equipped community building sporting restaurant, storage units and an exercise facility. Salida in itself has known for some of the best outdoor activities around as well as great eating places and a busy art scene.

#3 Georgia

Georgia has one of the top and most popular tiny house communities in America.

Most if not all the tiny houses are eco-friendly.

Anyone looking for the simpler life and smaller house the Green Bridge Farm in Guyton is the place for you.

This is an organic farm and the tiny house community is built around it.  The farm produces organic food and fruit trees.  It has also just been awarded approval to become a permanent residence for tiny houses. In order to have a tiny house on Green Bridge farm, you have to ensure your home is secured to the ground with a solid foundation.

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