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The top 5 Smart Cities In The World

What is a smart city?

A smart city is a city that integrates various technologies to ensure various assets and resources are managed and supplied with optimum efficiency.

These include the monitoring and controlling of traffic systems, energy resources, waste management, schools, libraries, hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement etc. Even complete houses are being linked to smart grids in various towns and communities.  With the more efficient use of various resources, a city can cut down on a lot of unnecessary and wasteful usage of them. This makes for a better economy and greener cities.

The top 5 smart cities in the world

#1 New York City, USA

New York holds the “Smartest City” award for 2017.  New York partnered with IBM back in 2009 launching the “IBM Business Analytics Solution Center”.

With some of the most innovative green technologies and systems, they even have an annual contest offering cash prized for apps that use the cities open data sets the most efficiently.

#2 San Francisco, USA

Leaders in the smart parking, fast internet speeds, transport sharing and comes out tops most years as one of the best cities to live in.

This city has more than one-hundred charging stations for electric vehicles and runs on forty-one percent renewable energy.

#3 London, UK

As one of the major tourist cities in the world and one of the powerhouses, London has long since been utilizing public transport and car sharing systems.  The smart introduction of congestion taxes has greatly reduced the fossil fuel and congestion problems the city once choked under.

They introduced many a smart system such as the smart parking system, the oyster card systems, underground wi-fi and Europe’s largest free Wi-Fi network.

#4 Paris, France

Paris has mostly switched to renewable green energy, government digitization and various green city innovations.

Most of the citizens have cut down on the usage of vehicles and more sharing of transport has become the trend.  There even bike sharing programs these are called Velib.

#5 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm was one of the first cities to introduce 4G/LTE mobile services and ranks very high in citizens participation in making a better city.

The residents recycle approximately one-hundred kilos of waste per person on average.  Most of their fuel used is biodiesel produced from the wastewater plants in Stockholm.Companies are given incentives to install sensors that efficiently handle power, for example, they turn off lighting, etc. when no one is in a room.

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